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  • Seniors hang N-word banner at Georgia high school; school sends e-mail apology

    Students were facing sheer criticism on Wednesday for hanging a banner saying “N—a We Made It” from the school’s roof. It is said that the sign at South Forsyth High School was meant to celebrate graduation. Besides, Principal Jeff Cheney wrote in her letter to parents that “This morning students have written a pathetic verse […]

  • Dad arrested for complaining about girl’s school assignment

    A Father in the news has been arrested for pointing his finger over the assignment of his daughter. Actually, William Baer the father of fourteen years old daughter lodged his complain to board members of the school citing the reason of sexually-explicit themes. He said that this book is like a transcript of a XXX […]

  • The most dangerous U.S. state for workers

    Though after the implementation of Occupational Safety and Health Act U.S was supposed to be safer place for workers yet there are many states where lives of workers are still in danger, claims a new report of AFL-CIO. The report claims that the most vulnerable and insecure state for workers is North Dakota. It is […]

  • China’s Alibaba files for landmark IPO

    Alibaba, supposed to be the biggest online marketplace, has filed IPO on Tuesday. It is said the initial public offering of Alibaba is the biggest in the history of United States. Though, the China based company has not decided which exchange it will use for shares yet New York stock exchange and Nasdaq are struggling […]

  • Climate change is here, action needed now, says new White House report

    Words of Al-Gore have been proved true. Yes, climate change is here. White House report claims that the sudden change in pattern of season, rising of sea level, and change in the nature’s behavior demand us to take some actions. The government of Obama is trying to mentally prepare the nation for the repercussion of […]

  • Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams released from police custody in Northern Ireland

    Gerry Adams who had been accused of killing a widow four decades ago has been released after remaining four days in police custody. The Northern Ireland police said that “Adams was picked under the charge of abducting and killing a mother in 1972 and he was staunch supporter of IRS (Irish Republican Army)”. On the […]

  • Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter Dead — Boxer Passes Away at Age 76

    Boxer Rubin “Hurricane” Carter – the person who was wrongfully convicted in 1960s and spent 20 years in jail – has died on Sunday. Media reports claim that Carter had breathed his last during the time of sleeping at his home in Toronto. It is said that he was getting treatment of prostate cancer at […]

  • Chelsea Clinton announces she’s pregnant with first child

    Chelsea Clinton has announced on Thursday that she is pregnant and expecting her first child in the fall of this year. The only daughter of the former secretary of state Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton disclosed this news at a women’s event in New York. It goes without saying that Chelsea said in […]

  • Should people without kids pay higher taxes?

    Words are more powerful than a sword. Recently, a column of Reihan Salam ignites serious debate across the country about childless parent taxes. He proposes in his Slate column that childless parents should pay more taxes than the middle and lower class parents. Though, he does not have child himself yet he is of the […]

  • Fort Hood gunman vented on Facebook about Sandy Hook shooter, Iraq

    Prior to his shooting at Fort Hood in Texas, Spc. Ivan Lopez posted a number of comments on various subjects on Facebook. The investigators of this tragic incident said that “we are examining all Face Book posts of Lopez to determine his possible intention of shooting and they are enough for us to check his […]

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