Dad arrested for complaining about girl’s school assignment

A Father in the news has been arrested for pointing his finger over the assignment of his daughter. Actually, William Baer the father of fourteen years old daughter lodged his complain to board members of the school citing the reason of sexually-explicit themes.

He said that this book is like a transcript of a XXX porno movie and i have been arrested for raising my voice against  sexually-explicit themes.

On the other hand, Gilford High School board members said that “this book is thought-provoking and supposed to be necessary for 9 graders”. Besides, Baer said that we went to police station to review the book content and I was sitting there like a culprit.

It is said that the district government is going to revise the content policies with regard to obtaining assent from the parents.  Furthermore, chairwoman of the Gilford School Board Sue Allen said that “We are going to issue a notification that will give clear detail about the controversial material”.

Besides, the acting police chief of Gilford said to media reporters that “I had no option except to arrest Baer”. He said that we had repeatedly asked him to stop but he rebuffed however we had to arrest him.

Last but not the least Baer has been charged with disorderly conduct and supposed to pay fine of $1,200 if convicted.


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