Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams released from police custody in Northern Ireland

Gerry Adams who had been accused of killing a widow four decades ago has been released after remaining four days in police custody. The Northern Ireland police said that “Adams was picked under the charge of abducting and killing a mother in 1972 and he was staunch supporter of IRS (Irish Republican Army)”.

On the other hand, Adams says that he was not associated with the killing of Jean McConville and she was believed to be murdered by IRA militant wing. It is said that McConville was spying IRA for British and it was the main reason of her murder.

Besides, after releasing from the police custody, Adams said to media reporters that “I am naive and I was not involved in the murder of Miss McConville”. He further said that “I am a political activist and philosopher and I know why people are hatching conspiracies against me”. He said that people did not like the changes being made by Sinn Fein and they were just trying to sabotage its image.

Adams had appeared before the investigators on Wednesday and he remained in police custody for four days. It is said that the detention of Adams could have sabotaged the peace that he himself brought after four decades struggle.

Lastly, the first deputy minister of Northern Ireland Martin McGuinness said that “The detention of Adams was a deliberate attempt to influence the upcoming elections and he got himself detained to fulfill his vested political interests”.


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