Seniors hang N-word banner at Georgia high school; school sends e-mail apology

Students were facing sheer criticism on Wednesday for hanging a banner saying “N—a We Made It” from the school’s roof. It is said that the sign at South Forsyth High School was meant to celebrate graduation.

Besides, Principal Jeff Cheney wrote in her letter to parents that “This morning students have written a pathetic verse from a song by Drake on our school as a senior prank”. We are really sorry for their peculiar behavior and we would not let them go unaccountable.

Moreover, she said that though we had removed the sign yet students will face the consequence of this act. On the other hand, Susan Newsome, a parent of a student at the school in Cumming, Georgia, said that “this banner would have created a controversy; I wonder what was the intention behind placing the banner”.

It goes without saying that the student population of South Forsyth High School is diverse. According to school statistics there are 70% white students, 10% Hispanic, 12% Asian and less than 5% black.

Lastly, Principal Jeff Cheney said that “I am a liberal person, I do allow funny pranks but the banner had offended me and our school to greater extent”.



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