Should people without kids pay higher taxes?

Words are more powerful than a sword. Recently, a column of Reihan Salam ignites serious debate across the country about childless parent taxes. He proposes in his Slate column that childless parents should pay more taxes than the middle and lower class parents. Though, he does not have child himself yet he is of the opinion that those people who have children should be given more tax breaks.

He argues in his column that those people should bear heavy taxes burden who earn more than $51,000 US median income. Besides, it was estimated by Tax Policy Center in 2013 that the ongoing parent tax break has a worth of $171 billion a year and the breaks are : child tax credit, The earned income tax credit, child and dependent care tax credit, the head of household filing status for single parents and the dependent exemption.

Tax Policy Center further claims that a married couple with 2 kids gets benefits of $7,700 where as a single parent with 2 kids might receive $8,100. It is said that Salam has not touched the ground realities and does not know that leveling heavy tax on childless parents would affect their life?  He has also not written about such couples who have just married and intending to spend some time before producing a child.

Hence, Salam needs to investigate each and every factor involved in tax exemption prior to writing a column. His single handling coupled with untouched facts raises doubts on his new demands.



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