Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter Dead — Boxer Passes Away at Age 76

Boxer Rubin “Hurricane” Carter – the person who was wrongfully convicted in 1960s and spent 20 years in jail – has died on Sunday. Media reports claim that Carter had breathed his last during the time of sleeping at his home in Toronto. It is said that he was getting treatment of prostate cancer at his home and Sunday was the last day of his life.

Carter had spent one quarter of his age in jail. He was wrongfully convicted in 1960s and did not give up from maintaining his innocence.  Actually, he was arrested for triple homicide but none of the eyewitnesses confirmed Carter as shooter. Despite this, he was convicted two times and the second time – in 1985- his conviction was overturned.

This racial injustice made Carter very famous in the eyes of the world. Bob Dylan wrote a beautiful song for this planted trial called ‘Hurricane’.

Last but not the least, In 1999, a movie named as ‘Hurricane’ had been made on his life and the role of Carter was played by Denzel Washington.

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