Chelsea Clinton announces she’s pregnant with first child

Chelsea Clinton has announced on Thursday that she is pregnant and expecting her first child in the fall of this year. The only daughter of the former secretary of state Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton disclosed this news at a women’s event in New York.

It goes without saying that Chelsea said in her announcement that “Marc and I are really happy today and we are not concerned about the gender of our coming baby”.  We know that she or he would grow up in the world of strong and great female leaders.

Besides, the spokesperson for Mezvinsky and Clinton said that “they are expecting their first child in the fall of this year and they are really happy”. He further said to the media that this couple has been blessed with love of many families however they cannot wait to be parents themselves.

Apart from this, the former president of United States Bill Clinton congratulated her daughter through twitter and said that “I am expecting to add a new line in my biography –Grandfather”. Apart from this, Hillary Clinton said that “I am really thrilled that Marc and Chelsea are expecting their first child and the Grandmother title is the most exciting title for me “.

TweetsLast but not the least, in October 2013, Chelsea said in an interview that the couple intends to mark 2014 as the Year of the Baby.


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