Climate change is here, action needed now, says new White House report

Words of Al-Gore have been proved true. Yes, climate change is here. White House report claims that the sudden change in pattern of season, rising of sea level, and change in the nature’s behavior demand us to take some actions.
The government of Obama is trying to mentally prepare the nation for the repercussion of climate change. Though, states are already spending millions of dollars to respond.

Besides, Obama told in an interview to a private news agency that “this is not a distant problem of the future, climate change is there and it has massively hit all regions of the country”.  The Obama government is trying to educate people about climate change and it is supposed to be prime agenda of his administration.

Apart from this, White House said in its report that “there is need to be mentally prepared for combating against the threats of climate change, protection of Americans and communities is more important”.  On the other hand, John Podesta who is supposed to be close aide of the president said to media reporters that “President will launch a big campaign to publicize the report.

Contrary to this, Republicans have called this campaign as a political tool. They further said that Obama is trying to impose a regulatory agenda which would inevitably affect the economy of the country.  Actually, the new assessment is calling for efforts to lessen down the carbon emission.

Last but not the least, Oil industries and pro carbon emission lobbies will not be a part of this move. Experts hold the opinion that these lobbies have a strong foothold across the globe and unless developed countries do not take actions, climate change would remain a threat for the whole world.



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