Restoring Your Faith in Public Transportation

Feb 28, 14 Restoring Your Faith in Public Transportation

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Mobile technology is giving public transportation a much-needed facelift. Commuters are growing frustrated with traffic congestion and unreliable bus schedules. And transit authorities are doing something about it. Whether or not you believe in global warming or climate change, the fact is that fewer cars on the streets and highways means safer driving conditions and less traffic backups. Since a high-capacity passenger bus can take the place of up to 36 low-occupancy vehicles, getting more people into public transportation is a top priority for many cities. The first step in the process is improving services enough that people want to use public transportation instead of driving their cars. In addition to obvious passenger concerns such as safety and cleanliness, promptness is a major factor in many commuters’ decision. However, clearing that first hurdle can earn public transportation some much needed momentum: the better the service, the more people want to use it. And the more people want to use it, the more money the city makes, and the service gets even better. The age of mobile technology provides the perfect solution to the scheduling dilemma. The Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority in Rochester, NY, allows waiting passengers to track their bus using text messaging and a stop ID number. The Columbia Transit Authority in Columbia, MO, recently spent $165,000 to install tracking devices in their buses, providing up-to-the-second schedule information via a specially-designed smartphone app. Transit officials hope that the ability to track the exact route and arrival times of buses will also be an incentive for parents and children to utilize public transportation more frequently. Whatever the clientele, and whatever the technology involved, making public transportation a viable and attractive alternative to driving is vital to solving the traffic problems of many urban...

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Jon Stewart Recalls the International Mess Created by Reagan

Feb 27, 14 Jon Stewart Recalls the International Mess Created by Reagan

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As the world knows, the bloody revolution in Ukraine has just begun, most of the media pundits- particularly those who appear on Fox news- have failed to support their arguments regarding the role played  by President Reagan in the early 1980s. It is presumed that Obama should not reckon himself as Reagan because his international policies were totally different. Actually, Jon Steward who broadcasts a “Daily Show” on Fox news recalled the glory of past and disclosed many complications about the Reagan period.  He said “Reagan was supporting the Afghan militants to counter the balance of power”. Besides, he was fully funding the Afghan Jihadists to battle against the Soviets that turned out to be Taliban”. Moreover, he was of the opinion that “We did not need to fight Taliban for more than 12 years as Reagan had gone then”. He jokingly said that “It was not in the perception of Reagan that what would happen in the future”. He concluded his show as “It is pessimism to do nothing and fire hell missiles and bomb Libya apart from arming the Syrian rebels”. Source: ...

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Print your bitcoins now

Feb 27, 14 Print your bitcoins now

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Bitcoin was created a kind of digital currency which did not only provide anonymity to people but also was beyond the control of physical existence and government. But, after the sudden disappearance of Mt.Gox the experts hold the opinion that “it is not secure to keep your bitcoin digitally rather it would be more secure if you print out those zeros and ones of the digital money into paper”. Alex the chief technology investment strategist for Casey Research is of the view that “Opening bitcoin online account is like more or less a brokerage account of Zimbabwe”. On the other hand, Flip Filipowski the chairman and CEO of SilkRoad Equity suggests that “Printing form of bitcoin can be kept in pocket or posted at home wall, and it is offering enough assurance of safety”. Apart from this, Daley suggests that “Put your bitcoin offline and there should be a secret key for ensuring the security of the bitcoin”. He further adds, if the site is hacked, there is no chance of recovery unless you do not have engineered any secured method of recovery. After the disappearance of MT.Gox site, there is hue and cry across the globe regarding the safety and security of the bitcoin. No doubt, millions of dollars have been disappeared along with the site and people are more concerned about the security.Besides, Tom Robinson the co founder of London based company “Elliptic” holds the view that we have launched this company for “cold storage” and give you the same safety and security which is enjoyed by a bank account holder. It goes without saying, this company is not regulated company but it is insured for theft. Recently, all the famous exchanges of bitcoin have collectively passed a statement against the MT.Gox and said the few actors should be weeded out.  On the other hand, there is no online wallet that accepts the bitcoin. Google wallet does not accept bitcoin and “Blockchain” the famous bitcoin wallet App of apple store has been...

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Why Cosmetic Dentistry is So Much More Than a Cosmetic Fix

Feb 26, 14 Why Cosmetic Dentistry is So Much More Than a Cosmetic Fix

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Every year, Americans spend $106 billion on dental care. While the majority of dentistry services are offered to simply keep our teeth healthy for the sake of day to day necessities, namely eating, cosmetic dentists aim to keep our teeth vibrant and attractive, as well as functional. To gain whiter, more attractive smiles, Americans spend more than $2.75 billion a year on cosmetic dentistry. The Importance of the Human Smile To most, protecting our smiles is little more than an exercise in personal vanity. However, the science of smiles shows that engaging in cosmetic dentistry to protect our pearly whites is so much more than an attempt to keep our egos intact. An Unhealthy Looking Smile Can Lead to Depressions Many people report feelings of depression when they find that their teeth are yellowed, decayed, or otherwise unattractive. As these conditions often lead to chronic bad breath and low self-confidence, they cause people to stay away from others, a key symptom of depressive disorders. On the other hand, people with healthy smiles, people who are more likely to smile, are proven to be happier individuals. People Who Smile Are More Attractive For better or worse, your smile not only has an impact on how you feel, it also affects how others feel about you. In fact, a vibrant, attractive smile may be the key to attracting a mate. In a recent study, participants were asked to identify the first thing they notice when meeting someone new. Unexpectedly, 94% of men and women say a beautiful smile is the very first thing to catch their eyes. How Can Cosmetic Dentistry Help? Even if you have what you consider to be an unattractive smile, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it. Cosmetic dentistry is so successful in the United States because it can help people turn their lives around in a number of ways. Teeth Whitening Teeth whitening is unarguably the most popular form of cosmetic dentistry in the country. Using a peroxide-based whitening solutions, reputable...

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“Mobile” is the Keyword for Marketing Success in 2014

Feb 25, 14 “Mobile” is the Keyword for Marketing Success in 2014

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After surpassing the $1.25 trillion mark in 2013, global eCommerce levels are expected to continue on their meteoric rise throughout 2014. While that means businesses, like yours, need to continue putting their best foot forward when it comes to SEO, social media marketing, and content marketing, the fact is that the name of the game this year is mobile. Why Should You Care About Mobile? Commerce generated through sales on mobile devices, whether they’re smartphones or tablets, is going to explode in 2014. After growing by more than 68% from 2012 to 2013, mCommerce spending in the United States alone is on track to grow by an additional 28% by 2017, eclipsing $113 billion annually. Clearly, the mobile market can no longer be thought of as a fad to be ignored. This means that all businesses have to stop building out their webpages for exclusive use by traditional desktop web surfers. Times are changing. Even with that being said, 51% of mobile users say they’ve experienced a website that crashes, freezes, or administers an error message when they try to use it. Nearly three-quarters say they’ve experienced a website that takes too long to load. Loading speed may seem like a non-issue at first glance, but there’s something you need to keep in mind: 40% of userswill permanently abandon your website if it takes longer than three seconds to load. Imagine the revenue you’ll lose. The Answer is Responsive Design You can search the web high and low for an answer to your mobile optimization problem, but you’ll only ever wind up with the same solution: responsive web design. As the name implies, responsive web design is the way of developing a website so that it responds, or adapts, to whatever screen and platform it’s being viewed on. Just like any other type of web design, there is responsive web design and then there is great responsive web design. Here are a few ways you can offer your customers the latter: Build the Right...

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