Jon Stewart Recalls the International Mess Created by Reagan

As the world knows, the bloody revolution in Ukraine has just begun, most of the media pundits- particularly those who appear on Fox news- have failed to support their arguments regarding the role played  by President Reagan in the early 1980s. It is presumed that Obama should not reckon himself as Reagan because his international policies were totally different.

Actually, Jon Steward who broadcasts a “Daily Show” on Fox news recalled the glory of past and disclosed many complications about the Reagan period.  He said “Reagan was supporting the Afghan militants to counter the balance of power”. Besides, he was fully funding the Afghan Jihadists to battle against the Soviets that turned out to be Taliban”.

Moreover, he was of the opinion that “We did not need to fight Taliban for more than 12 years as Reagan had gone then”. He jokingly said that “It was not in the perception of Reagan that what would happen in the future”. He concluded his show as “It is pessimism to do nothing and fire hell missiles and bomb Libya apart from arming the Syrian rebels”.


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