South Korean Olympic Committee Registers Protest for Selective Handling

The South Korean Olympic Committee has registered protest over the selective handling in women’s figure skating competition. The committee said that the result of Figure Skating was one sided and biased.  It has been laid down in the rules and regulations of International Skating Union that protest are to be lodged immediately but the international governing body has not received any official testimony from the committee for protestation.

The Korean said that the technical marks of Yuna Kim were quite better but the judging criterion was otherwise. The Carolina Kostner of Italy had the same numbers that were of Yuna Kim but she was awarded with Bronze medal.  It has cost us a gold medal.

The Korean media highlighted the issue to fullest extent and forced the International Olympic Committee spokesman Mark Adams to speak on it. The spokesman said the issue of results has to be determined by ISU not by us.  Besides there is a system that deals with handling such issues and letter has no chance of probing the results.

The ISU said that it has not received the letter yet but it had officially come up with a statement. It clarifies all the details of judging process. It said in its statement that all the judges were selected on merit and they represent different ISU federations’ members in the event. They were from Germany, Italy, Japan, Ukraine, Slovakia Canada, Estonia, France, and Russia”

Scott Hamilton the Television Analyst and the 1984 Olympic champion said that the issue does not prevail in the scoring system rather it is the natural tendency that people do not accept the results. He further said that judges do not favor anyone in the sport particularly when they have separate federations and affiliations.  Salt Lake issue changed the entire scoring system and this protestation would not address the issue.


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