Finland Beats US to Win Olympic Hockey Bronze

The performance of North American athletics was seemingly unprofessional, effortless and passionless. It was presumed that the concept of Bronze was not familiar to the North American players.

The failure against the Finland in 5-0 was the result of laziness, unprofessional attitude, lack of sheer determination, outplayed, and dearth of efforts.  The most interesting thing is that the most impressive team of United States will come home for seventh time out of nine winter games without getting a single medal.  On the contrary, the Finland team has earned the fifthmedal in the past 6 matches. It was literally shocking though.

US defenseman Jhon Carlson said “Terrible” and showed his disgrace as “we came out strong and we came out hot and it went off from us. Following his remarks, Paul Stastny said “We had played for nothing”.

Besides, the Finland’s 43 years old captain Teemu Selanne happened to score a couple of goals in his last tournament. He said “Unbelievable” and claimed that it was a great ending for him.



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