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  • Courageous Students Help Police Track Down Peeping Tom

    Eight female college students are being commended for their bravery in helping police identify and arrest a man who was peeping into their windows on multiple occasions. According to local Minnesota news affiliate WCCO, University of St. Thomas student Emma Button noticed a man staring into her window on the night of Sept. 7. Upon […]

  • New Fence Installed Where Little Girl Drowned in Coachella Canal

    According to a recent report from the Desert Sun, a new fence is being installed along the Coachella Canal after the death of a child. Seven-year-old Annie Lee Palmer, a Columbus, Ohio native, was visiting her grandmother in Niland when she was reported missing on July 28. Her body was found two days later, 15 […]

  • Pests And Poor Sanitation Endanger Birmingham City Jail Inmates

    The Birmingham City Jail desperately needs cleaning, according to written complaints from more than six female inmates. Prisoners aren’t the only ones reporting problems; weeks before, the jail barely passed a health inspection. Environmental health specialist Kevin Tolbert reveals that the establishment received 68 out of 100 possible points. Fox 6 puts that into perspective: […]

  • Anglers Angry Over Bahamas’ New Fishing Rules, Which Favor Bahamians

    Proposed new fishing rules in the Bahamas have American fly fishing lovers up in arms, with some outraged anglers proposing a boycott. At Hatch Mag, incensed writer Ty Hansen described the proposed rules as “some of the most inane pablum coming from the Bahamian side the Caribbean since Columbus sailed past the northern tip of […]

  • Caitlyn Jenner Should Have to Sit for Deposition, Say Family of Driver Killed in February

    Caitlyn Jenner may have received an award for courage, but the family of Kim Howe are calling her a coward for the fatal car accident she caused in February — and say that she has avoided questioning about the collision. The former Olympic athlete and reality star from Keeping Up with the Kardashians was involved […]

  • Man Who Killed Two Others in Red Light Crash Sentenced

    A Maryland man has finally been sentenced this week for his involvement in a 2013 crash which left one person in a coma, four injured and two dead. Courtney Everett, the victim who had been left in a coma, woke up two months after the crash, and has finally seen some justice for her sister […]

  • Manhattan Law Firm Allegedly Faked Dozens of Structured Settlement Approvals

    On Tuesday, July 14, Stone Street Capital, LLC sued a Manhattan law firm, from which it had sought court approvals for structured settlements, for allegedly giving 76 falsified judicial orders. According to, the Maryland-based company, which buys the rights to structured settlements from consumers in exchange for lump-sum payments, first hired Paris and Chaikin […]

  • British Columbia to Review Motorcoach Industry Safety

    British Columbia will begin a safety review of their motorcoach industry after two serious bus crashes within the past year. The review will be completed by the provincial transportation ministry, announced Transportation Minister Todd Stone on July 16. Last summer, a bus crash injured several dozen passengers when a motorcoach carrying 56 people on the […]

  • Why Frozen Embryos Are at the Center of This Couple’s Bitter Divorce

    Shortly before Dr. Mimi Lee, a pianist and part-time anesthesiologist, married executive Stephen Findley, she learned that she had breast cancer. Lee battled the cancer and won, but the treatments left her infertile. Before the cancer could affect her reproductive abilities, however, Lee and Findley had five embryos created and frozen so that they could […]

  • Ute Tribe Says Federal Fracking Barriers Infringe on Native Rights

    The Ute tribe of southwest Colorado wants to join a federal lawsuit challenging the Bureau of Land Management’s newest regulations on hydraulic fracturing, calling them “contrary to tribal interests.” The tribe’s reservation covers 1,059 square miles in the state, and substantial portions of that land have been leased to oil and gas companies. The BLM […]

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