Manhattan Law Firm Allegedly Faked Dozens of Structured Settlement Approvals

On Tuesday, July 14, Stone Street Capital, LLC sued a Manhattan law firm, from which it had sought court approvals for structured settlements, for allegedly giving 76 falsified judicial orders.

According to, the Maryland-based company, which buys the rights to structured settlements from consumers in exchange for lump-sum payments, first hired Paris and Chaikin PLLC to file the applications in New York state courts.

Before an individual can successfully sell structured settlement payments in exchange for a lump sum, the company purchasing the structured settlement payments must obtain legal approval from a state court.

In addition to suing Paris and Chalkin PLLC, Stone Street Capital has filed suits against partners Jason Paris and Ian M. Chaikin as well as Thomas Rubino, a paralegal working for the firm.

In the company’s filing, it’s alleged that Paris and Chaikin first told Stone Street they were experienced in presenting structured-settlement transactions before the courts for approval. The legal firm advised Stone Street to send them the structured settlement case files, which were then assigned to Rubino.

Between 2009 and 2013, Stone Street sent more than 100 of these structured settlement files to Paris and Chalkin.

Paris and Chalkin agreed to send the company a file-stamped judicial order for each of these files, allowing the company to purchase structured settlements from its customers. Stone Street claims that 76 of these were judicial orders falsified.

In its suit, Stone Street states that Paris and Chalkin “failed to exercise the care, skill and diligence commonly possessed” by those in the legal profession — nor did the two men properly supervise Rubino.

Chaikin, Paris and Kevin Szczepanski — the lawyer representing Stone Street — didn’t respond to’s requests for comment.


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