With a Restraining Order and a $1 Million Settlement, Pamela Anderson Has Divorced Rick Salomon — Again

Actress Pamela Anderson and professional poker player Rick Salomon have filed for divorce — for the second time.

Anderson and Salomon, both 47, released a statement on Wednesday, April 29, following the finalization of their divorce, which occurred that Monday.

“Public divorces can be harsh and cruel,” the statement reads, “we apologize to our families and friends for any hurt and embarrassment we have caused – we have come to an amicable agreement and are moving on. There are private and personal family sensitivities to consider and we retract any hurtful comments made in haste and distaste. We wish each other and our families well.”

The couple first wed in September 2007 in Las Vegas, only to annul the marriage just a few months later in March 2008.

Their second wedding took place in January 2014.

Divorce isn’t something most people bat an eye at these days, especially considering that one divorce happens in the United States an average of every 36 seconds. But the same couple turning to divorce lawyers for the second time is something far more rare.

Anderson is also getting a $1 million settlement from Salomon. She filed for the divorce back in February, citing irreconcilable differences, and later got a restraining order from Salomon, as well.

Anderson had alleged that Salomon was abusive, saying at the time that she was “scared of what he is capable of doing to me.” She cited several harassing emails and texts as evidence, including one where he referred to her as a “serial baby killer.”

The temporary restraining order was later extended, despite the judge ruling that she had failed to properly serve Salomon with both the divorce filing and the initial restraining order. Anderson wants to prevent Salomon from coming near her and her two children (ages 17 and 18) for at least the next three years.

Anderson is a former Baywatch star and Playboy model who has also supported organizations like PETA in recent years. She has been married several times, including to musicians Tommy Lee of Motley Crue and Kid Rock.

In addition to being a poker player and dating plenty of female celebrities himself, Salomon is most famous for filming a sex tape with Paris Hilton back in 2003. Although the video was released without the couple’s consent, resulting in a lengthy legal battle, it was later distributed by Salomon under the name 1 Night in Paris.


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