What’s Expected for Trade Shows in 2018?

Businesses all around the world spend a lot of time and effort in order to prepare for trade shows and other conferences. However, these events are usually full of other businesses within the same industry. And with 81% of attendees at a trade show having buying authority, it’s important for each business to know how to stand out in the crowd. With that in mind, companies should be aware of a few trade show trends experts expect to see in 2018.

Trade show display graphics have generally been designed to incorporate geometric shapes along with clean, white graphics. However, this is expected to change drastically. There is going to be a shift towards industrial textures and elements. Incorporating this type of design will give display booths a more varied look. Each brand is encouraged to show who they really are through their display and show attendees their unique personality.

As virtual reality becomes increasingly popular, it’s expected to make its way into trade shows as well. With today’s technology, software developers are able to create video games, operating systems, and other software that can give users a unique experience. Trade show exhibitors are going to be able to use this virtual reality software to really show attendees what their company does, how their product works, and show off some cool technology while they’re at it. Furthermore, booths that show off modern aesthetics and technology will have a better chance of attracting millennials.

Visitor engagement is expected to continue to play an import role at trade show events. While activities like contests and games have proved to be a great way to interact with attendees, it’s becoming easier than ever by utilizing technology. With technology, exhibitors have the opportunity to not only engage with attendees but to collect lead information at the same time. Also, attendees are likely to remember the company booths that really attracted their attention and engaged with them.

Speaking of technology, artificial intelligence is expected to be incorporated into trade show displays next year. While artificial intelligence tools are intriguing and can easily attract attention from attendees, they can also be very useful to exhibitors. AI tools can maximize efficiency by processing, analyzing, and presenting data much quicker than exhibitors normally could. With this, exhibitors will be able to pull detailed information to show to attendees on the spot. This will allow exhibitors to be able to personalize the experience for each person who visits their booth.

During the next few years, companies are going to need to apply some of these trends in order to stay ahead of the competition. With the help of technology, businesses will be able to evaluate their objectives and goals as well as their target audience and come up with innovative ways to engage potential customers or partners at their next event.

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