What we know – and don’t know – about Obamacare

Though, Obama Health Care enrollment for 2014 is about to close now yet most of the people face serious technical problems while registering themselves on the official web portal (healthcare.gov).

People of United States have been left with short time to sign up for Obama Health Care for 2014.  It is said that those who have processed their applications and fallen prey to technical problems may be granted some days to complete their process. The coverage of these people will begin from May 1 2014.

Media reports claim that applicants were run into technical problem when the system was not accepting their applications and blocking new users from picking the plans. On the other hand, spokeswoman for the Department of Health and Human Services said that more than 100,000 users were using the system at the same time and they were directed through the system that when they need to visit the site.

Besides, it is said that federal exchange had seen a record volume of 1.6 million visitors on Monday and States had also stated the surge on the state-owned exchanges.  Peter Lee Executive Director of Covered California said that “those residents of Golden State who could not the complete process of registration have time until April 15 to pick a plan”.

Barack ObamaIt goes without saying, so far more than 6 million people have successfully registered for the Obama health care and their coverage will start once they pay the first premium.

1. How many people will enroll through the exchanges?

The administration of Obama is releasing the figure of registered people but it does not mean that they have been fully enrolled.  It is said that those who will pay the premiums shall be reckoned as successfully enrolled and those who do not pay the money would be dropped from the coverage claims.

Kathleen Sebelius Health Secretary told to a private TV channel that 85% have successfully paid the money however the total figure of enrollment is 5.1 million.

2. Are the young and healthy signing up?

It is said that 25% applicants are young and they are 28 to 34 year old.

3. What about those buying individual policies directly from insurers?

Insurance companies are continuously selling their plans to the people of America and market has been grossly overlooked.  Insurers say that those who have signed up directly are generally younger than those who are coming through the exchanges.

4. How many of the uninsured will gain coverage?

The main agenda of this health reform is to lessen the rank of uninsured citizens. It is yet to be seen that how many uninsured Americans will be covered in 2014.

5. Can I keep my doctor?

Though President Obama made a solemn vow that people would need to keep their doctors yet it was not fulfilled. Actually, most of the insurers have decreased the number of doctors for lessening the cost of premiums and many Americans say that they cannot keep their doctors due to numerous reasons. On the other hand, there are other people who are not happy with this decision and say that they do not have access to doctors. To which, Obama administration said that “we will make sure in 2015 that everyone has easy access to doctors before beginning with insurance process”.


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