West hits back at Russians over Crimea

The West has finally hit back at Russia. Media reports claim that new sanctions have been embarked upon 28 Ukrainian and Russian officials. And, these sanctions are going to hit close aids of the Russian President.

Since Russia has invaded the Ukraine region, there has been hue and cry in the western world. United States and its allies had categorically said that “the referendum held in Crimea was totally backed by Russia and it is grossly violating the constitution of Ukraine, however, the results of this referendum are totally unacceptable”

It is said that European Union has also placed some travel restrictions on Russian legislators and military commanders, and their assets in other countries have also been frozen.  Besides, United States has also placed some sanctions on senior Russian officials closely linked to President and all their financial assets in United States have been frozen.

White House said in its official statement that “Our target is the individuals responsible for the Ukraine crisis and we are not going to embark the same sanctions on companies and business owners”. On the other hand, British Foreign Minister William Hague said in his press briefing that “there is possibility of more sanctions but it depends on Russia that how it reacts after the recent referendum held in Crimea”.

Besides, foreign policy experts opine that this is the new beginning of cold war which may affect regional and global economy in few weeks to come. But, the new sanctions put on Russia will not affect the economic position of Moscow”.

Hence, it can be speculated that if the Crimean issue happens to assume deadly shape like U-2 and Cuba Crisis, the situation of global security will be at stake because both Russia and United States have enough nuclear arsenals to finish the game.


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