Warship with black box detector joins search for missing Malaysian jet

A warship coupled with black box detector was scheduled to reach Australia to join the search operation of missing Malaysian aircraft. Satellite images showed that debris of missing jet is in Indian Ocean near to Australian water premises and search operation has not reached to any constructive conclusion.

On the other hand, officials of a Chinese military plane have said that “we have scanned several parts of the identified zones and we have found a number of objects floating in the sea. It has not been confirmed that whether the sighted parts were of the missing plane or not.

In Addition, Australian Maritime Safety Authority –overseeing the search operation- said in official statement that “ten more planes will join the search operation on Sunday and we will try our best to locate of the debris”.

Contrary to this, all of the relatives of missing passengers flew from Beijing to Malaysia to seek answer from Malaysian authorities and showed deep frustration at the airport for not receiving the satisfactory answers.  The commercial director of Malaysian airlines confirmed that 40 to 50 relatives of missing passengers had arrived to Kuala Lumpur and they pressurized us to meet with either Prime Minister or Transport Minister to ask some questions.

RelativesOn Saturday, Safety Authority said that ships of Australia and China sighted a number of objected in the identified zones of Indian ocean but not a single object was considered to be related to the missing  Flight 370. Three weeks have been passed since the flight got disappeared but so far nothing has been recovered after a number of search operations.  Mystery of Flight 370 is turning out to be more complicated with every passing day and if the debris of the plane is not recovered, the frustration of relatives of passengers may turn into vandalism.

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