Ukraine Crisis: Crimea done with votes, moving closer to join Russia

The referendum in Crimea has been peacefully completed on Sunday. Initial results show that a big majority of people wishes to annex with Russia and does not look for greater autonomy from the Ukraine authorities.

This referendum took place after a couple weeks when Russian forces invaded the region and people of Crimea hold the opinion that “Ukraine authorities will not allow them to join with Russia”.  On the other hand, United States, European Union and many other states have termed this referendum as the brutal violation of Ukraine’s constitution and they do not recognize this referendum as legitimate.

One day before this referendum, Ukraine authorities blamed that Russian forces supported by gunship helicopters had marched into another region of Crimea and controlled a village that holds natural gas distribution facility.

On the other hand, experts opine that “If this referendum goes to implementation process and Russia welcomes Crimea to annex with its territory then Russia will be facing sheer sanctions from the western countries”. Besides, Ukraine’s interim defense Minister Igor Tenyuk said to a private TV channel that “This is our land and we are not going to join any other country”.

Contrary to this, Manita Meshchina a voter of this referendum said that “I think majority of people would surely cast their vote in favor of Russia and people intend to be with Russia rather than with Ukraine”.

UKRAINE-CRISIS-CRIMEA-REFERENDUMCrimean Election Commission said that “The turnover of voters was more than 80% and so far 96% votes are in favor of Russia”.  The president of United States Barack Obama had made a hotline call to the Russian president and said that “United States and International Community do not consider this referendum as legitimate because Russia has violated the constitution of Ukraine and International Law”.

Lastly, European Union, United States and many other states are planning to impose some serious economic sanctions on Russia but so far nothing has been done against this historical territorial violation.



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