U.S. State Department Awards $2.1 Million Contract to Replace Drapes in Moscow Embassy and Diplomats’ Homes

The United States Embassy and residences of diplomats in Moscow are getting a facelift with new window treatments, to the tune of $1.2 million. The U.S. State Department has finally settled on a contractor to complete the work, which will take place at the Embassy and diplomatic residences in the Russian city.

The government contract, which is worth $2,150,000, according to FreeBeacon.com, was awarded last week and is for the purpose of replacing drapes. The replacement fabric will be a neutral color and will either be silk or faux silk.

“When it comes to window treatments, lifespan really depends on a couple of different factors — one being usage. If drapes are rarely used and are just up for decor, they essentially never need to be changed,” said Albert Nakash of Better Tex. “However, they are often changed to keep up with style, fashion, and newer fabrics. Drapery can really change the way a room looks and feels.”

Drapes serve two very important purposes — a functional one and an aesthetic one.

Shading a home or office can actually reduce the temperature by about 20 degrees on a hot day, and can block out light and noise that could otherwise disturb certain activities like sleeping or working. Aesthetically, elegant drapery can change the entire look of a room and plays a large role in creating the atmosphere in any room.

“If the usage is high like in a nightclub or bar, drapes may need to be changed at least once per year. In hotel rooms, drapes can last for up to 10 years since those are built to last and be durable but even then because of the usage they need to be changed,” said Nakash.

The need for new drapes in the Moscow Embassy and diplomatic residences was announced in early November, and the search for the right contractor had been ongoing since then.

“The contractor shall provide the U.S. Embassy Moscow with drapery making and installation service, to include materials, in accordance with mandatory safety requirements,” according to the U.S. State Department. “Services may include the removal and disposal of old draperies, measuring windows for production of draperies, tulles, drape holders and jalousies, sewing draperies and production drape holders and jalousie, mounting drape holders and jalousie, hanging draperies and tulles, dismantling drape holders and jalousie.”

The contractor is also required to preserve peace, to follow the law, and to preserve the protection of people and property.


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