Trevor Noah Takes Over Daily Show, Gen X Feels Left Out

Microphone on stage backgroundWhile 27% of new home sales are members of Generation X moving in, Trevor Noah, new host of “The Daily Show,” showed the world that Generation X was actually moving out.

According to a recent story from Salon, Noah’s debut on “The Daily Show” had many memorable moments, most of which put heavy emphasis on the show’s younger audience. Members of Generation X found themselves boxed out of most of the jokes, which were largely centered around youth culture.

While Jon Stewart, the show’s previous host, was 52 at the time of his departure from the program, Noah is 31 and has a much different perspective to bring the program. His jokes included gags about emojis, sexting, and “the crazy old dude who left his inheritance to some random kid in Africa.”

Salon posed that members of Generation X were frequently being skipped over in the attempts to hit the Millennial and Baby Boomer audiences.

FiveThirtyEight reported that “the median age of ‘Daily Show’ viewers rose from 35 in 2004 to 40.5 in 2014.” While Stewart himself isn’t included in this Generation X age range, the content was more closely aimed towards audiences of this age, which leaves viewers to wonder which way the program will eventually lean.

During Monday night’s show, Noah demonstrated his edgy style by offering some alternative views on the abortion debate, saying:

“You might not be a fan of pro-lifers, but you have got to admit, they’re damn good at what they do… The craziest part is abortion is a constitutional right. The Supreme Court said this is law and the pro-lifers were like, I accept your challenge.”

“The amount of lives they save could reach superhero levels,” Noah added. “They just need to have a superhero’s total dedication to life. Right now they’re more like comic book collectors. Human life only holds value until you take it out of the package, and then it’s worth nothing.”

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