Tiger Still Bringing In the Big Bucks Despite Missing All the Putts

Tiger Woods has been back in action as of late, but he hasn’t finished at the top of the scoreboard of a major since 2013. However, that’s not stopping him from being one of the highest paid athletes across the globe.

According to Forbes Magazine’s, World’s 100 Highest Paid Athletes, Woods is currently ranked 16th on the list, earning approximately $43.3 million. Cracking the top-16 isn’t even that impressive for Tiger, however, as for over a decade he was a clear number one, bringing in over $100 million on multiple occasions. Despite his recent struggles on the golf course and the increasing popularity of dozens of other exciting golfers, Tiger is still the highest paid golfer on the list of athletes. His major endowments come from TaylorMade, Monster Energy, Bridgestone, Nike, Rolex, and Upper Deck.

The only athletes other than Tiger to top Forbes’ list over the last 18 years have been soccer star Ronaldo and boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Woods hopes to one day crack the top-10 but would likely need to golf a little better on the course. Though he has shot the ball very well during the last few tournaments, Tiger has struggled tremendously doing something he so famously excelled at: putting.

The longest put ever made traveled nearly 375 feet. Woods doesn’t need those long ones to go in, but rather the medium to short puts that he’s historically been so great at.

During last weeks Memorial Tournament at Muirfield Village, Woods playing great in just about every aspect but putting, missing seven putts inside five feet (the most he missed since 2004). Additionally, he had five three-puts and 118 putts in all, coming in 72nd place in the field of strokes gained in putting out of 73.

“I just need to hit better putts,” Woods said. “This week I didn’t really feel comfortable with my lines and my feel was a little bit off. Consequently, I missed a bunch of putts.”

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