This Fall’s 5 Most Talked About Smartphone Launches

Mobile traffic now accounts for nearly 16% of all Internet traffic, and this number is expected to increase exponentially as more mobile users switch to smartphones.

This September may be just the time to convert more mobile users to smartphones, or at least get users to upgrade their devices. The changing of the season will bring about changes in cell phone features and aesthetics for Motorola Mobility, Microsoft, Sony, Samsung Electronics, and Apple fans. Here’s what the world can expect from the top phone makers this September:

Sony Xperia Z3 Sony is on a roll these days; after launching the Z2 last February, the electronics maker has been hard at work designing it’s successor. The new model boasts a faster Snapdragon 801 processor and includes a 5.2 inch screen with a 1920 by 1080 pixel resolution with a whopping 3 GP of RAM.

Nokia Lumia 730 If Windows Phone is to keep up with the competition, Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella better have something great coming out this September. The new Nokia model is reported to have a 6.5 megapizel main camera and another 5 megapixel camera in the front to capture the perfect selfie with. Microsoft’s Nokia will also boast a Snapdragon 800 processor from Qualcomm.

Motorola G Remember when the Razr came out back in the day? Since then the cell phone company has been struggling to hold it’s ground in a rapidly expanding and shifting market. Hopefully with this new launch scheduled for September 4 in Chicago will give the company the boost it’s been waiting for. The phone is expected to have a 5 inch screen with a 1280 by 720 pixel resolution with an 8 megapixel camera.

Samsung Note 4 Although the Samsung Galaxy line has been quite successful, the company still struggled in the second quarter as the rest of the market saw an increase in sales. Launching on September 3 in Berlin, the Note 4 will include a 5.7 inch screen with a 2560 by 1440 pixel resolution with a Snapdragon 805 processor. Hopefully this product will be a hit that can stabilize the company.

Apple iPhone 6 As usual, any launch or rumor of a new Apple product create a huge stir in the tech and mobile world. The tech giant has not scheduled a release or viewing date, but most experts say that September will be the reveal month. This new device will need to be good in order to get people to switch from the 5S or even switch back over from an android phone. Rumors are circulating that a 4.7 inch or 5.5 inch model will be revealed with a resolution of 1704 by 960 pixels.

Although Window’s HTC One M8 didn’t make the cut, it will most likely boast a massive display screen and will probably be exclusive to Verizon Wireless users. It apparently has a metallic body, Boomsound audio, and a high-quality build to it.

An estimated 18% of all time spent using smartphones in the United States is spent browsing the web, and users are looking for a faster processor and better resolution to meet their browsing needs.

Nearly 29% of people say that their mobile phone is the first and last thing they look at every day, and no one wants to be looking at a small screen with poor resolution anymore. Apple and Sony are expected to impress users with screen clarity with their new products this year as more ads become optimized for mobile viewing.

Hopefully these big name mobile companies won’t disappoint this fall as they head into the ever-important fourth quarter.


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