The Makers of WeWork Develop Dorm-Style Living For Adults

WeWork, a provider of co-working spaces, has now developed a new venture that offers more than just a space to do your job. This week, WeLive is being launched to provide furnished living spaces that include a range of amenities and a new approach to apartment living.

The apartments are not very big in size, and many units lack full-size kitchens and appliances. Some feature modern Murphy-bed designs with beds that fold into the wall to make for extra space. Outside of their apartments, residents have access to common areas including large kitchens, game rooms, quiet areas and a community garden.

WeLive revolves around the idea of flexible living. Rather than signing the common one-year lease, residents have the option of living month to month after handing in their security deposit. Not only that, there is no need to make arrangements for internet or cable providers to setup equipment as these utilities are included with the apartments.

While the average American home has almost tripled in size in the last 50 years, space is limited in urban areas. WeLive recognizes that and provides a new approach to the problem.

“It’s a series of opportunities,” says Miguel McKelvey, one of the founders of the co-working startup.

While McKelvey admits that this idea of adults living similar to the style of most dorms is abstract, he goes on to describe a more complex reason the concept can benefit its residents.

“What will make you energized and motivated, to be awesome today?” McKelvey says. “Is it an awesome shower in the morning, is it a great breakfast, is it a beautiful view? Or is it all of those things together? Do you prefer to watch a movie on an iPad by yourself, or in a room full of 50 people? You need to be able to enter these kind of social experiences with options.”

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