Takeda Pharmaceuticals to Move Its Vaccine Program to Cambridge

Japanese pharmaceutical company Takeda Pharmaceuticals announced on June 2nd that it will be moving its American headquarters for its Vaccine Business Unit to Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The Boston Business Journal reports that the Osaka, Japan-based business will be relocating its vaccine department next to the likes of Harvard University. The move itself will take about two years in order to fully consolidate the program, which is currently spread out in several cities across the United States, and is expected to affect roughly 150 employees. It may also produce more jobs in the Cambridge and Boston area.

The actual location of the new headquarters has yet to be determined.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals is already planning on moving its current program headquarters in Deerfield, Illinois, and intends to close its other Vaccine Business Unit sites in Bozeman, Montana; Madison, Wisconsin; and Fort Collins, Colorado.

Though the move will naturally disrupt the company’s American operations, it also has two other Vaccine Business Units outside of the United States: one in Zurich, Switzerland and another in its home city of Osaka.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals’ decision follows a series of similar relocations of pharmaceutical companies to the Cambridge/Boston area. Baxter International, for example, announced last September that it would establish a research center in Boston by this summer, adding 400 jobs to the area. Shire Pharmaceuticals quickly followed suit, stating that it will move its American headquarters in Lexington from its previous location in Philadelphia, and will create 500 new jobs in the process. Later this year, Nestle Life Sciences plans on starting construction on a nutritional therapy research center in Cambridge.

Takeda already has labs and offices in Boston. It currently occupies a series of buildings formerly occupied by Millennium Pharmaceuticals, which Takeda Pharmaceuticals purchased seven years ago. Last year, the company decided to change the name of its acquired company to Takeda Oncology.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals plans on focusing its resources on developing vaccinations for diseases such as norovirus, dengue, and seasonal influenza. It is thought that 75% of all medical visits involve some kind of medication or vaccination.


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