Study Reveals New York City Pools Cleaner Than Expected

According to a study performed by the New York Post, public pools in the New York City area are cleaner than most people think.

The Post took water samples from seven different pools throughout the New York City area and processed them in a lab for comparison. A total of four private and three public pools were surveyed. The sites tested in the study included Dream Downtown, Hampton Inn & Suites, McLaren Park Pool, McCarren Hotel & Pool, Astoria Sports Complex, and Crotona Outdoor Olympic Pool. These pools were located in Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx respectively.

Results showed that neither of the pools contained coli-form bacteria, which is a common indicator of pathogens such as E.coli. Pools associated with NYC Parks are tested for contamination by the hour.

Considering that there are over 309,000 public pools throughout the U.S., it is impressive to see a large city such as New York manage their pools systems so well.

Compared to a report the Center for Disease Control (CDC) released in 2013, New York has some of the cleanest pools to be in this summer. The 2013 report from the CDC found that 58% of public pools were contaminated with E. coli, a pathogen commonly found in human feces.

In a separate report that was released earlier this year, the CDC stated that around 80% of U.S. public pools violated at least one health and safety rule during inspection. These violations included poor safety equipment, lacking proper amounts of disinfectant concentrate, and abnormal pH levels. Some of these violations can be directly linked to increasing a swimmer’s chances of contraction an infection.

Parents and guardians in the greater New York City area can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their children will be safe visiting public and private pools this summer.

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