Strict building codes saved lives in powerful Chile earthquake

State of preparedness and strict building codes have helped the people of Chile to save the lives of people from 8.2 magnitude earthquake occurred on Wednesday. Officials said that the intensity of the shocks was quite higher and so far 6 people have been reportedly died in heart attacks, power outrage and landslides.

A geophysicist at the U.S. Geological Survey John Bellini said “that region is supposed to be seismically active in the world and it is really good that people of Chile are implementing building codes similar to California”. He further said that if there had not been building codes, the damage of the earthquake would have been worse.

The director of Chile’s office of national emergency Ricardo Toro said that almost 928,000 people have been evacuated and all are safe. On the other hand, mayor of Alto Hospicio told in his press briefing that “more than 2,500 homes had structural damage and most of the homes were built with poor workmanship”.

Besides, Michelle Bachelet the President of Chile toured the affected region and said in her press conference that “I am really glad to see that local authorities had professionally responded to this powerful earthquake”.

Experts say that Chile is one of the earthquake prone countries and since 1973 hundreds of earthquakes have struck in the region. Geophysicist at Caltech mark Simon said that “this country is lying in the region of arc of volcanoes “Ring of Fire” and it is supposed to be more prone to earthquakes and volcanoes than any other regions.


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