Stolen Passports Raise Possibility of Terrorism in Missing Malaysian Flight

The uncertainties of missing Malaysian flight have gone to such extent that authorities claim it could be a terrorist attack. It is said that 2 men had reported the airport authorities that their passports had been stolen and they were not traveling in the missing plane. However, it can be determined that the terrorists might have used the stolen passports to get on board to hijack the plane.

Actually authorities released a report containing facts and figures of people who were in the plane and it was said in the report that an Austrian citizen was also on board along with the 238 people. Upon hearing this, Austrian Foreign Ministry spokesman Martin Weiss said in his press briefing that “the list contains the name of Austrian citizen was not on board and his passport had been stolen about 2 years ago”.

Similarly, Italian authorities made it clear that there was no person traveling with Italian passport and the person whose name has been mentioned in the list, had lost his passport 8 months  ago.  These astounding confirmations have raised serious questions for the Malaysian authorities and it was recently briefed in a news conference that it could be a terrorist attack.

Malaysia Airlines Plane Missing - RouteIt goes without saying, the Malaysian authorities have contacted U.S for any possible help and the names of stolen passports were under investigations.  Although, the Italian authorities had begun with the investigation and contacted with the family whose name appeared in the list but the father of the person made it clear to the investigators that his son is safe and sound and his passport was stolen in Malaysia.

Last but not the least, FBI has said that “we are ready to help the Malaysian authorities and we can send our agents to Asia for probing the matter”.

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