Sources Report Possible Reconciliation Between Khloe Kardashian and Soon-To-Be Ex-Husband, Lamar Odom

Will Khloe Kardashian give her soon-to-be ex-husband Lamar Odom another chance? Kardashian filed for a divorce just months ago in December 2013, but a recent article in In Touch suggests the reality TV star may already be prepared to give their marriage another go.

“Lamar’s gestures and other revelations about his current feelings for Khloe, such as wearing their wedding ring, calling Khloe as his wife, and insisting that he was too busy to sign his part on the divorce, makes the 29-year-old reality star ponder and even reconsider taking Lamar back,” The International Business Times writes of the In Touch report.

It’s definitely not anything I’m through. I’m going through it, but I’m not through it,” Kardashian admitted to U.S. Weekly. An anonymous source tells In Touch that Odom is similarly heartbroken. “He (Lamar) calls her all the time and tells her he’d do anything to get her back,” the source allegedly said.

Kardashian’s second thoughts are to be expected. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians mid-season finale featured a recap of difficult times for the reality star, including “the time her family members staged an intervention to speak with her about her unraveling marriage to Odom,” U.S. Weekly adds. The star discussed watching and reliving the moments on an Australian radio show, “It’s really hard to watch yourself on TV. It’s definitely different in that the world has to watch, too. It’s definitely not the easiest thing to do, but it’s what my life is.” Her misgivings also come in light of Odom’s recent sports injury. The injury forced Odom to leave the Spanish basketball team Laboral Kutxa and move back to the U.S.

Gossip Cop argues “that there is not an ounce of truth in the story” — or the In Touch report alleging that Kardashian will give their marriage another shot. Another source did not confirm or deny reconciliation rumors, but told a British tabloid that the pair are “amicable” and “talking.”

Although there was some debate about Odom’s stake in the house at the time of their initial split, their living accommodations are not emotionally relevant. Even if they lived together prior to tying the knot, a University of North Carolina at Greensboro study reveals that there is no correlation between cohabitation before marriage and divorce.


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