Six-Year-Old Girl Dies a Month After Drowning in a Jerusalem Hotel Pool

On December 10, a six-year-old girl was clinging to life after being rescued from a hotel pool in Jerusalem. After a month of intense efforts to revive the girl — who had been in critical condition at multiple hospitals across Israel — she died on Wednesday morning.

According to Israel National News, the girl had slipped away from her parents in the lobby and had left to go swimming by herself. Despite there being a lifeguard on duty, the girl ended up losing consciousness, leading to the failure of multiple systems in her body. The lifeguard was soon after arrested for suspicions of negligent manslaughter and his lifeguard license has been revoked.

The girl was immediately transported to Shaare Tzedek Hospital, located in Jerusalem’s capital and was later transported to the Root Medical and Rehabilitation Center in Tel Aviv.

But on Wednesday, the girl’s condition took a turn for the worst and she passed away.

Unfortunately, drowning is an all-too-common risk for young children. In fact, drowning is considered a leading cause of death among children. And while it is common for children to drown in swimming pools, it can happen in even an inch of water.

Because of this, parents need to remain diligent when they are near any and all bodies of water. For families with swimming pools, the area should be enclosed by a fence that is at least four feet high, and has a latching, self-closing gate that opens outward.

When close to water, parents should never let their toddlers, infants, or children out of their sight. Children should always be supervised, and the adult should not be engaged in any type of distracting activity. Whenever possible, children should receive swimming lessons before being exposed to swimming areas. However, it is important to note that swimming lessons are by no means a way to “drown-proof” any child.

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