Shipping Container Homes Gaining Popularity Across the United States

There are currently around 17 million shipping containers across the world, though only 6 million of those are in use. That means that approximately 11 million shipping containers are unused and could actually be converted into homes for people. Thankfully, in areas all over the nation, that’s starting to happen.

According to the Daily Herald, shipping container home construction is underway in St. Charles, Missouri.

St. Charles is fully embracing this new take on home construction, converting empty unused shipping containers into the framework of a home. Group 3 Construction is the organization working on the new site.

“It complies with all of our building codes because it is set on a regular foundation of a house,” said Rita Tungare, community and economic development director for St. Charles. “Right now they are working on connecting the structure supports and cutting the walls. These types of structures are something you see more often in California, and it is a growing trend in other parts of the country.”

Similarly, in Kailua, Hawaii, another home is turning some heads because of what’s directly above the housing structure: shipping containers.

Homeowner Chris Ramirez had two shipping containers placed above concrete pillars that will eventually become a studio apartment, fully equipped with both electricity and plumbing. The containers offer 320 square feet of living space, with a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and even a lanai.

“I wish actually that the rest of my house was built that way,” said Ramirez.

Cheat Sheet listed affordability as a major contributing factor as to why these shipping container homes have been gaining popularity over the United States. Construction of these homes costs far less than it does to build a conventional home. Additionally, simply purchasing a single shipping container can range from only $1,400 to $4,000. The current average price of a large shipping container home is only between $150,000 and $175,000, though many people have been able to construct homes on their own for less than $100,000.

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