Russian and American Leaders Blame Game

Though the tensions in Ukraine are not lessening down yet the President of Russia and United States blame each other for engulfing the crisis. On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed United States for supporting the coup in Ukraine. He said that “United States had supported the coup and brought illegitimate government to control the Ukraine”.

On the other hand, U.S President Barack Obama and his diplomats said that “the government of Ukraine is representing the will of the people and desperate Russia has breached the International law”. Besides, Obama said that “Putin has got a bunch of lawyers having different interpretations and I don’t think they would make fools to others”.

The blame game between western and eastern blocks is not a new thing. The history is full with such examples. The masked men in Ukraine have been backed by U.S and they would not be able to threaten our brothers, says Russian President.  This blame game had grossly affected International stocks and it was speculated by economists that “if Russia subjugates Ukraine or uses military force against the Ukraine force, it would massively affect the economy of both countries”.

Needless to say, the life in Crimea seems to be normal. Though, a reporter of CNN Diana Magnay has rightly said that “there is war of information between east and west and people are forced to watch cooked up stories”.

Last but not the least, it is said that a fraction of people intends to integrate Crimea with Russia and there are ample signs of more dangers. But, it must not be forgotten that United States has already warned Russia for economic sanctions and the situation in the region would be more deadly in few days to come.


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