Russia Man Out-Russia’s Himself, Shares Apartment With Daughter And Literal Wolf

The moving industry is a $12.6 billion per year market that sees into many unique aspects of our more private lives and belongings. Among the millions of people who move all over the world, there are bound to be some people who have some weird stuff.

For this one Russian guy, it isn’t so much his possessions that are strange, but there’s one that’s certainly startling at first glance. Ivan lives in his one bedroom apartment with his daughter and a fully grown wild wolf. Casual apex predator for a pet? Nbd. Nothing to see here.

A few years ago, Ivan went with a few friends on a hunting trip. Deep in the woods, he got separated from his group when he came across two wolf pups. Not really knowing what to do he just stood there, likely hoping there wasn’t a full pack of adult wolves nearby. One of the pups walked right up to him and began licking his hand. Knowing a little about animal behavior, he reasoned that the pups needed to be cared for. Naturally, he picked them up and adopted them.

Later, when he returned home, he gave his friend one of the pups and kept the one that initially approached him and named him Gray. Ivan found that Gray adapted to domestic life with unparalleled ease, not typically the case for wild animals. He walks him on a leash, lets him sleep on his bed, and has two other regular domestic dogs who Gray is buddies with. Ivan is looking for the help of experts to study Gray and give some insight into the wolf’s uncharacteristically agreeable nature.

Of course, living with Gray hasn’t been without its problems. While most people are worried about the run of the mill domestic issues like spending a third of their annual heating and cooling bills on air leaks, Ivan has to worry about owning and caring for a potentially dangerous animal. Gray naturally makes people uncomfortable, regardless of his lovable demeanor, when they see him in public. It makes living circumstances a chore, as most apartments aren’t too keen on having a wild animal in their buildings, but Ivan refuses to abandon Gray. In fact, Gray has become such a part of their family, that Ivan’s daughter is going on to study canines at a veterinary school.

It’s generally not a good idea to have wild animals as pets, but for better or for worse Gray is part of the family and Ivan has no plans to change that. Besides, Gray is very cute.

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