Rogue Dentist Leaves Patient Toothless After Routine Procedure Goes Wrong

An Indiana man had all of his teeth removed during what was supposed to be a routine dental procedure last month.

Donny Grisby went to White River Dental to have four of his teeth pulled. When he awoke, however, he discovered that a lot more had been taken from him. Donny Grisby realized that he was completely toothless.

Grisby’s wife, Amanda, sat in the waiting room for more than five hours. When her husband finally came out, he was unconscious, unresponsive, covered in blood, and being taken to the hospital. During the ambulance ride, Donny flatlined twice, almost losing his life. The family is demanding an explanation.

The dentist told the Grigsbys that all of Donny’s teeth had to be removed because they had found an infection. In other words, rather than allow the infection to spread, the dentist came to the conclusion that full removal of the teeth was the only safe and reasonable option. According to White River Dental’s official statement, “Every patient and issue is different and we evaluate each and every part of the oral cavity and the health of the patient before presenting a treatment plan.”

This would make sense except for the part about “presenting a treatment plan.” Neither Donny nor his wife was presented with a treatment plan that involved removing all of the teeth, and Donny certainly did not consent to such a dangerous and life-altering procedure.

“I am so ashamed now,” Donny told a local Indiana reporter from 14 News. “I have no teeth. I woke up with no clothes on. I was scared.”

Donny has suffered further damage as a result of the surgery; he now has blood clots and is forced to use an oxygen tank. He is in incredible pain and unable to go to work. The family plans to file a malpractice suit.

As for Donny’s dental future, dentures or implants seem to be the logical choice. As many as 3 million people currently have implants, but how many of them were victims of a psycho dentist?

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