Revamped Real Estate App Targets Millennial Home Buyers With Agents

It’s becoming more common for websites and apps to introduce advanced algorithms to target customers and control what users see. Casamatic, a relatively new home buying app on the scene, matches homes with prospective buyers by using both an in-depth quiz for users and a complex algorithm.

There are other real estate apps on the market, but they’re typically more limited in their scope. Instead of simply asking for a desired price range and number of bedrooms, Casamatic asks users about their preferred home style, neighborhood preferences, and how close they’d like to be to their workplace.

Understandably, the app is geared towards millennials, who generally use apps for almost everything: transportation, dating, shopping, food, banking, and more. In fact, 32% of the home buying market is made up of first-time home buyers, so the creators of Casamatic are aiming to tap into the niche of young, first-time home buyers.

Previous versions of the app were readily available for anyone to use, regardless of whether they had already worked with an agent. Users would be matched with a home they liked, and then the app would connect them with a local real estate agent. However, the creators of Casamatic made a decision to go in a new direction at the end of last month. They’ve now revamping the software so that various agencies can use the app to find clients. The app will show the agency’s logo instead of Casamatic’s, and will be available for both agents and their clients to use.

The redesigned app now gives real estate agents better access and more control of their listings, but still allows clients the same type of tailored experience for viewing listings. The overhaul is still in development, but the app is expected to be a pivotal tool for agents in the Cincinnati area, and the creators hope to make a significant impact in how millennials approach buying their first homes.

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