Remote Workers: Study says 3 out of 4 are men

According to a study many people think that a remote worker is a mom or may be a teenager but it is totally ambiguous to determine who is working remotely.

The CEO of Flex Strategy Group Cali Williams says that “a remote worker is the person who does his official works remotely, and it is neither a women nor Gen-y millennial”. Recently, a study was conducted over remote workers and it has been determined that 3 out 4  are men. On this gender gap, Cali Williams says that “the nature of women work is totally different and the jobs like nursing and teaching cannot be done remotely”.

Besides, the study claims that 31 percent of full time employed workers prefer to work from outside of their employer’s office and get their work done remotely from coffee shop, business center or home.

To check whether the study has rightly assumed the figure, a correspondent of private news agency went to a coffee shop and happened to meet with “The Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson”. She interviewed him and asked him how he executes his official duties. He replied ‘“I do have my own office but most of the time I write my assignments here in this coffee shop”. Furthermore he said, when you are in office people ask you to do many other jobs which ultimately spoil your own working precision. On the other hand, when you work outside of your office, you are separated from your colleagues and you can easily get your jobs done.



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