Potential Car Buyers Beware: Your Car Could Have Been Flooded

Any vehicle owner is able to purchase a car carpet that is made specifically for their vehicle’s make, model, and year. But, if you buy a car and its carpets look warped and doesn’t fit correctly, these issues could be a clue that your car could have been caught in a flood.

In fact, officials are warning potential car buyers in both Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky to keep a look out when visiting dealerships as some car salesmen have been less than truthful about the car’s history.

This phenomenon comes during flash flood season for the area. Cincinnati’s Better Business Bureau has become aware that certain used car lots have been purchasing a flooded out car at a very low price, then putting it up for sale without telling the new owners it has been damaged.

Typically, when a car is caught in a flood, the case will be reported to insurance and the car will be totaled. The car is then given a salvage title to alert buyers that the car cannot be salvaged.

However, these used car dealership owners are drying out the water-clogged cars before their metal starts to rust and then putting them up for sale before the insurance company can issue a salvage title.

Problem is, it’s almost impossible for car owners to see exterior signs of damage. So, WCPO has complied some warning signs of flood damage to keep an eye out for.

First, look out for rust on the seat rails down the carpeting. Any metal parts in the interior will be quickest to rust. Headlights will also be foggy on the inside, as the condensation will have nowhere to go. The truck will also be damp, as there is little to no airflow in that area of the car.

Don’t forget to use your nose, as a mildew smell can be apparent even before mold appears.

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