Pot Flavored Ice Cream Is Now a Reality

gelatoTo commemorate the world-renowned and beloved reggae singer, Bob Marley, an ice cream and gelato parlor in Liguria, Italy, has concocted a marijuana-flavored dessert that will pay tribute to the posthumous, pot-smoking singer. Made from peeled hemp seeds, the “Bob Marley” flavored ice cream was also made in an effort to raise awareness of the health benefits that cannabis can offer users. According to the ice cream shop, the gelato’s slogan is, “It tastes good, and it does good.”

And when the parlor says “good,” it doesn’t mean that in the heightened consciousness sense of the word. Rather, while the gelato will taste like hemp, it will not contain any mind-altering properties.

According to the Canapa Liguria, hemp boasts a number of health benefits that won’t have you seeing stars, like high amounts of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that are essential to helping your body function.

The producers of the ice cream claim that the “beneficial properties due to the high presence of fatty acids, which make it a valuable way to fight and prevent different ailments including arteriosclerosis, cholesterol, osteoarthritis, respiratory disorders, eczema and acne.”

Typically, gelato is made from cream with 3 to 8% milkfat and 25 to 30% air. But from the looks of it, the Bob Marley-inspired hemp-flavored ice cream will offer a lot more than that.

And while the new Italian gelato is one of the first, they aren’t the only innovators who considered the cannabis-flavored cream. Earlier in 2015, Ben and Jerry’s creators told The Huffington Post that they were considering making a “cannabis edibles flavor: for parts of the United States where marijuana use is sanctioned.

“Makes sense to me. Combine your pleasures,” said Ben Cohen, one of the co-founders of Ben and Jerry’s, during an interview with The Huffington Post.

And earlier in 2015, a couple from Iceland found themselves hospitalized after making their own batch of cannabis ice cream after experiencing strong hallucinations from the cold, creamy treat.

Talk about a brain freeze.

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