Police Interrogates Pregnant mother

The Florida Police said that questions are being asked from the pregnant mother who recently drove her minivan into the sea of Daytona Beach. Witnesses hold the opinion that the minivan was playing at the beach and suddenly plunged into the ocean. It is said that small kids seated in the minivan were loudly screaming that “Help, Please help, we are sinking”.

After that, a team of rescue and individuals rushed towards the vehicle and saved the life of the family. This scenario had been captured by a person standing at the beach.  The clip shows that minivan was being floated by the waves into the sea and the children are screaming out.

Another witness said that “the car was closely driving on the beach and suddenly  fell into the water”. Besides, Tesseneer who saved the life of the family said that “I was very deeper in the ocean and the waves kept on floating the van but I tried my best and took 2 kids out of the sinking van”.

The situation turned out to be more worrisome when the mother shouted that “where is my kid, please help he is stuck in the car”. Everyone rushed towards the van again and saved him.   The police said that all the children are in the state custody and they are being examined.  Besides, Police is also questioning the pregnant mother that how the van plunged into the ocean.

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