‘PMS Bites’: Chocolate Medicine For Women During Their Period

Women love chocolate. While this is indeed a cliche, it’s backed up by hard statistics. In fact, 91% of women prefer to eat chocolate, and during “that time” of the month, women stereotypically reach for chocolate — and for good reason, it turns out.

Dark chocolate

According to research, chocolate is rich in magnesium, which actually helps to alleviate cramps and increase energy. It also contains endorphins, which result in an increase of “happy hormones,” adjusting any hormonal imbalances that might be present due to menstruation.

Tania Green, CEO and founder of PMS Bites, understood this firsthand, and decided to make a chocolate treat that would not only satisfy the deepest of chocolate cravings, but would medicinally soothe PMS symptoms.

Last month, PMS Bites entered the television show “Shark Tank,” presenting the specialty chocolates. The bite-sized beauties are all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free and contain herbs that help to decrease PMS symptoms such as bloating and cramping.

So far, Green says that women are rejoicing in the luxury of luscious chocolate that’s made specifically for their time of the month.

“I love when women try these, tilt their heads back and say ‘Oh my God! So good!’ It’s like an orgasmic experience for us. Most women suffer from PMS, so when women reach out to tell me that the product brightens their week, satisfies their sweet tooth, and makes them feel better, I feel like I have done my job.”

As for the future? Green hopes to expands her product, making them available for purchase in yoga and fitness studios and gyms, as well as major grocery chains like Whole Foods. Next year, the CEO and founder plans to expand her product line, introducing several lines of bites, including Menopause Bites, Insomnia Bites, Hangover Bites, and Diet Bites under her parent company, Everything Bites.

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