Pilot: Whoever changed flight path was an expert

The missing Malaysian plane had flown into different directions and it had shifted its route from north to west, investigators claim. They further say that generally flights are following routes as per the GPS system to keep flights separated from each other and we are sure that the route suddenly changed by Pilot of missing flight was not an incident but man intrusion.

Besides, it is said that the flight had to fly on two ways 777-200. But, the path ACARS report suggest is not easy for a pilot to take the flight. Investigators say that “It demands years of experience and flying expertise to change the route like missing flight pilot did”. And, the flight was flying on auto pilot mode.

Experts hold the opinion that “In auto pilot flight automatically follows the course being programmed in the system but when you fly a plane manually it would go wherever you instruct it to go”. Operating flight management system is not easy, being a commercial pilot; I was unable to change the course of plane either manually or through autopilot, says a commercial pilot.

-malaysia-031Hence it can be concluded that either the plane was operated by group of professionals or the pilot himself programmed the new-route. In both ways, a pilot has to be trained and expert enough. Last but not the least, 10 days have been lapsed but so far no clue of missing jet has been sighted. During the beginning of investigations, Vietnam military authorities said that “we have sighted door of the missing jet” but the claim was totally baseless.

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