Passengers Run from Evacuated Flight at Philadelphia

Passengers of US Airways Flight 1702 had to run off from the A320 Airbus due to sudden abort of take off. This flight was flying from Philadelphia to Fort Lauderdale and people were screaming when they were being evacuated. Dennis Fee as passenger of this flight said to a private news agency that “People were crying and there was screaming in the plane”. He further said that “When the plane tried to lift it in the air, it suddenly fell down and happened to crash”.

Besides, flight attendants asked all passengers to turn their heads down when the plane hit the ground.  On the other hand, a senior official of US Airways said that “there was a mechanical problem in the plane that forced its nose to hit in the ground”.

Lastly US Airways announced through its twitter handle that “We have evacuated all passengers safely and we are re-accommodating all passengers to new flight scheduled to depart in the evening “.


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