North Carolina Tops Nationwide Rankings for Car Repair Costs

For North Carolina residents, taking their car to the mechanic puts a little more strain on the budget than anywhere else in the country.According to a recent CarMD study, the average cost for car parts and labor in North Carolina amounted to $426.45 in 2013. The national average for the year was $392.49, according to a June 21 WGHP 8 article. Massachusetts came in second on the list at $424.55, with New Jersey, Delaware and Virginia rounding out the top five.

CarMD’s study suggested repair costs are higher in North Carolina because its residents take better care of their vehicles and address car problems quickly, lessening demand for auto repairs across the state and driving prices up, according to article.

“While we are not able to control weather, gas prices and hard goods costs like car parts, as consumers we can minimize overall car ownership costs with preventative maintenance and swift attention to dashboard warnings like the check engine light,” Doug Sobieski, CarMD’s chief marketing officer, said in a statement. As drivers plan their summer road trips and year-round vehicle maintenance, we encourage them to make car maintenance and repairs a top priority to reduce costs and maximize safety, regardless of where they reside or travel.”

“Lack of public transportation in North Carolina is part of the reason we spend so much on car repair costs,” says Stan from Creech Import. “Virtually everyone has a car and uses it daily to commute, so miles are racked up quicker than in many other areas. More miles mean more maintenance and repairs will be needed.”On the opposite end of CarMD’s study, Nebraska had the lowest auto repair costs in the country, paying $323.57 on average for parts and labor, reported.


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