New Government Study Finds Direct Link Between Alternative Healing Techniques and Overall Well-Being

Chiropractic doing spinal mobilisationAlternative healing techniques continue to grow in popularity, and a recent study has found that three of the most popular complementary approaches can inspire adults to adopt healthier habits outside of these practices.

According to, the government-funded study focused on chiropractic care, yoga, and natural supplements, which are three of the most widely-used alternative healing techniques in the country.

The purpose of the study was to find a correlation between these three alternative healing techniques and the subjects’ general well-being. Research was conducted by the National Study for Complementary and Integrative Health. They used data collected from over 35,000 adults in a 2012 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS).

Possibly the most notable result of the study is that, in addition to the intended benefits of these techniques, subjects made other positive changes in their daily habits after turning to alternative healing. Researchers compared this to a “placebo effect” in which subjects made additional lifestyle changes outside of these practices to build on their success.

Chiropractic care was essentially put in its own category for the study, as most subjects say they pursued it to treat a specific health condition, as opposed to merely trying a new alternative healing technique. However, patients experienced the same ancillary benefits of chiropractics as they did with yoga and natural supplements.

Up to 31 million Americans suffer from low-back pain at any given time, and chiropractic care is a common source of treatment for adults. However, according to, female athletes also make consistent use of chiropractic treatment.

The National Center for Chiropractic Sports Injury Research recently found that cheerleaders account for a whopping 70% of catastrophic injuries in women’s sports. They often turn to chiropractic care for rehabilitation, as well as to improve their skills and athleticism.

The NHIS survey went on to note that those who try alternative healing techniques often cut back on smoking and alcohol, while some were found to have quit completely. Subjects also reported a reduction in stress, making healthier food choices, and an improvement in their sleep habits.

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