NC Family Returns From Vacation to Find SUV Full of Biting Ants

After returning from a 10 day vacation, the last thing you’d think of needing is pest control. But this family was unpleasantly surprised when they came back to find their car had been infested with ants while parked at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina.

“One of my twins started telling me there were ants,” said Kristin Bordeaux, the mother of the family in an interview with WCNC-TV. “I looked down into the console. The more and more we looked, they were everywhere. They were crawling on us, they were crawling on the twins, they were crawling on our bags.”

The family reports that there were hundreds, if not thousands, of ants in their car. Kristen’s husband, Mark, spent two hours cleaning the car. He used a vacuum, bug spray, and ant traps in attempt to free their car of the insects.

Two days later, the ants appeared again, having infested the deep crevices of the car, such as around the door.

This isn’t the first time there have been a report of ants in the Charlotte Douglas Airport. Airport officials in 2014 said they had issue with fire ants all summer at the curbside valet service area.

The airport made a statement about the routine monitor of their parking garages. They have stated that there are standard protocols in place to address the issue, and they encourage customers to contact the airport with any other incidents that may occur.

The family has been given a full refund for their parking fee, and the airport is expected to cover any other cleaning costs.


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