Los Angeles Woman Pays $15,000 in Plastic Surgery for the Perfect Selfie

What does it take to get the perfect selfie? For Los Angeles talent manager, Triana Lavey, 39, the solution wasn’t just to hashtag her photos with “#naturalbeauty” or use a flattering filter. Instead, Lavey has spent about $15,000 since 2010 in order to get the perfect selfie face after her beauty app just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

“I now have the face that I always thought that I had,” said Lavey on ABC’s Nightline. “I look like myself, but Photoshopped.” Lavey is a senior talent manager for the Los Angeles public relations company uFluencer, which helps various clients stand out on social media.

Lavey didn’t just want great photos for her friends to view; she viewed selfies as an integral part of the way she conducted business for her company. “Today, this business is moving at the speed of the Internet. Your selfie is your head shot so you can reinvent yourself every day with your iPhone. It’s a legitimate form of promoting yourself,” said Lavey. She’s quick to say that she thinks plastic surgery is not the first route people should take — better diet and exercise should be explored first before going under the knife for an improved appearance.

So far, Lavey has gotten several procedures, including a nose job, chin implant, Botox and fat grafting. While the results are fairly subtle considering the money spent, Lavey is happy with the results. She defends herself by saying: “Not everyone is born beautiful, and if you can get a little help from an app or a nip-tuck, then more power to you.” It’s a fair point.

Currently, over a million selfies are taken each day, and The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery reports that cosmetic procedures are on the rise, likely as a result of more people seeking minimally invasive techniques. Top requested procedures include Botox, which can relax wrinkles, and brow lifts, which can also work to correct signs of aging around the eyes and forehead.

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