Looking to Make Its Food Just a Little Faster, Wendy’s Upgrades ERP Software

Wendy’s, one of America’s favorite fast food chains, has successfully completed an upgrade of its enterprise resource planning software (ERP). Hoping to gain the benefits of using state-of-the-art ERP solutions as soon as possible, the food giant fast-tracked the project, managing to successfully complete the upgrade in six-months. The secret? The company took a disciplined, planned approach to implementing the new ERP suite across their 16 module set-up. By taking an “as-is to as-is” approach to implementation, the company was able to get all of the necessary technology upgraded and ready to go quickly, while leaving a wish list of new functions to be implemented as time goes forward.

Rapid, Disciplined Implementation is Increasingly Common

The rapid implementation of ERP software is increasingly common in the business world, so much so that so-called “fast-track ERP software” has become its own sub-type of business software. To put it simply, fast-track ERP software are software solutions built for companies like Wendy’s that are relatively inexpensive and can be implemented into a business’s existing infrastructure in a short period of time.

Consider, 51% of businesses using ERP solutions say that improved analytics from their software has allowed them to make more strategic business decisions. When you further consider that ERP software is renowned for dropping personnel costs and improving productivity, it’s no wonder why cloud computing technologies, particularly those related to ERP, are expected to grow by 130% by 2016. Clearly, as Wendy’s and others have found out, ERP is the way of the future.

Are you a business owner going through an ERP upgrade? Have you just completed one? Sound off about your experiences in the comments down below.


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