Little Boy Turns Garbage Man When Sacremento Grants His Wish

In Sacremento, California, Ethan Dean, a six-year-old boy diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, was granted a wish: he spent the day as a garbage and recycling superhero.

Outfitted in a fluorescent sanitation safety T-shirt and a green cape, Ethan was applauded by more than 100 people who came out to cheer him on as he rode on a garbage truck through the city.

The epic ride was a part of an event organized by the Make-a-Wish Foundation and local sponsors. The garbage route wound its way through Sacramento’s downtown and ended at the California state capitol building.

The garbage workers really went above and beyond to make the day special for Ethan. A green garbage truck was plastered with a sign that said “Ethan’s Garbage Truck,” and dancers for the Sacramento Kings basketball team came out with signs declaring “We Love You Ethan.” The Sacramento Police Department even provided motorcycle escort.

Ethan was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when he was two years old. When his family found out that he was going to have a wish granted, “We pretty much knew it was going to be about garbage trucks,” according to Ethan’s father, Ken Dean.

Ethan’s cause is a worthy one — a single person generates around four pounds of trash every day. When asked what his favorite part of the day was, he simply replied” “Being a garbage man.”

At the end of the garbage route and parade, Sacremento Mayor-elect Darrell Steinberg and Police Cheif Sam Somers thanked Ethan, congratulating him for the work he did to clean the city.

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