Is Ukraine Crisis another beginning of Cold War?

The ex Russian Presidential and government adviser Alexandar Nekrassov says that “Did west really expect Russia to ignore Ukraine crisis”? Since Russia has invaded the Crimea, everyone asks that what is the endgame of Putin?
The presence of Russian troops in Crimea has provoked the entire western capitals. And, it is speculated that Russia has sent the troops to completely invade the Ukraine territory. It is said that Russia is cooking up before the world that the reason of sending the troops was to safeguard the rights of Russian speakers. Though, the motive of Russian invasion is unclear yet western block views this step of Russia as threatening.

Specifically speaking, United States has warned Russia for embarking economic sanctions but, Alexandar Nekrassov says that “It is not going to work for Russia”. He holds the opinion that cancelling some business deals or trade would not affect the Russian standing and United Kingdome has not announced for any sanction against the Russian takeover.

obama9It goes without saying that all the western states say that Putin will be punished diplomatically and economically but no state has declared any military action against the Russia”. Besides, White House said in its recent press briefing that “All the military programs between Russia and United State are on hold and we are seriously considering the economic and other sanctions to punish Russia”. It further adds, we are also thinking to boycott G 8 meeting scheduled to be held in June.

Alexandar Nekrassov says that “West had grossly misunderstood Russia over the Ukraine crisis and did not ponder over the Russian reaction”.  No doubt, the issue is getting very tense and the Ukraine crisis has turned out to be a global issue now.  But, unless USA and Russia do not solve this issue through diplomatic channel, the day is not far when the world will see another beginning of Cold war.


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